Quality Policy

We are committed to high standards of customer satisfaction and strive for continual improvement in our overall processes to ensure sustained and consistent quality of our products and services.

Quality Objectives

  • Implement and maintain effective quality system
  • Make continual improvement in all our processes
  • Upgrade technology for higher efficiency
  • Achieve operational efficiency by attaining productivity and profitability
  • Endeavour to produce first time right
  • Ensure timely delivery and consistent quality
  • Train employees and monitor effectiveness
  • Encourage active participation of employees

Occupational safety and health policy

  • Shree Naman Group is committed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, visitors, contractors and vendors. To meet our responsibilities, we shall maintain a safe working environment and have an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in place to: We manage risks by identifying all workplace hazards, undertaking assessments, internal & external audits, and taking all necessary actions for prevention & control of injury, ill-health, loss or damage by following safe work practices in operations as well as while procuring new plant, machinery & equipment.
  • We comply with legal and other obligations by ensuring that our business is managed in accordance with relevant occupational health and safety legislations, standards and our occupational health and safety policies & procedures.
  • We establish targets and review mechanisms and also provide appropriate training and information to all our employees, contractors, their employees, vendors and visitors to enable safe performance of work.
  • We ensure meaningful and effective consultation with the involvement of all employees and interested parties regarding matters potentially impacting workplace health & safety.

Environmental Policy

  • We believe is passing on the next generation a clean environment and a bountiful society. We realize that the actions of each and every one of us have a great effect on our earth's future, so we must make every effort to preserve our environment. We reduce the pressure placed on the environment resulting from our business activities and products.
  • We are maintaining and continually improving upon our Environmental Management System and performance.
  • We work collaboratively with our customers, suppliers, and the surrounding community for environmental issues.
  • We will work to achieve these commitments by:
  • Continual improvement of the environmental performance of processes and products to prevent pollution.
  • Strictly observe environmental laws and also follow our own standards.
  • Continual reduction in the use of natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and water.
  • Providing awareness and specific environmental training where ever appropriate to all personnel working for or on behalf of Shree Naman Group.