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With absolute dedication, Shree Naman Group is committed towards developing Wind Energy as part of India's quest for affordable, clean power and energy security. Today, India has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. In the year ending March 31st, 2009, the installed capacity of the Indian wind energy sector was 10, 242.3 MW*.

Shree Naman Group currently has 27 wind turbines of various capacities installed in three districts of Maharashtra where electricity demand far exceeds production - Nashik, Sangli and Satara. These turbines provide 29.25MW of electricity to the power deficit state, lighting the way to millions of homes.

Shree Naman Developers Ltd. (SNDL) has developed a wind power project under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of Kyoto Protocol to significantly reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere and thus majorly contribute to the global climate change mitigation initiative in the developing world.

Set up as a Public-Private Partnership initiative with the Government of Maharashtra, this project is eligible for carbon credit trading upon maturation.