India's status as an economic power has been reinforced with the stability with which regulators of the Indian economy have absorbed and managed the global financial crisis; while the entire financial world was on the brink of disaster, India has stood its ground as a resilient economy.

Shree Naman Group signifies this quality in quite the same way; while we have faced the economic and business cycles in our journey so far. We have weathered each storm with grace and grit, coming out stronger after each event. Today, we are poised for growth and are best positioned to capitalize on the emerging demography and impulses of growth in each of our business verticals. We believe that what we value most are our invisible assets, perseverance and integrity. Across the Group, we inspire trust, integrity and transparency in all our business dealings. Our employees are actively encouraged to think, evolve and act, as individual development is the key to our success. Investing in people's ideas adds value, and endows them with the passion to make a difference.

We agree that a business should make money, but money is not the only thing that a business should make. We are committed to build an organization made up of the finest professionals while respecting our Indian values and ethos.

Shree Naman Group is reputed for quality infrastructure, award winning design and aesthetics, and builds the most sought-after business and residential property landmarks. Our hospitality businesses highlight our commitment for strategic diversification. Setting new benchmarks of excellence, the company believes in practicing sustainable and green standards to ensure that all developments are eco-friendly and follow energy conservation norms. The group is also making forays in clean and renewable energy and is a major investor in wind farms

Our backward and forward integration strategy has helped us to create value across the real estate spectrum and implement stringent quality controls. The Shree Naman Group will continue to deliver value and ensure business practices that are second to none. We promise to build a better habitat for our customers, today and in future.

Jayesh Shah,